Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Who is Sacajamo? Sacajamo was an ancient Indian known for his wisdom, wit, and stunning good looks, not to mention he was a fantastic golfer. So I decided to name my blog after him in the hopes I could follow in his footsteps. Okay, so none of that is true. Sacajamo is formed by the first two letters of my kids' names (Savannah, Cassidy, & Jamison) and the first two letters of our last name--Moore. I thought that would be much more interesting than "Ramblings by Russ", "Musings by Moore" or something generic and boring.

Several people have asked me to start a blog--I think primarily so they can laugh at me and make fun--so I decided to finally bite the bullet, get into the early 2000's, and start blogging. We have several family members out of town and this will be a good way for us to keep you guys updated on what is happening with the Moore clan. But, I can tell you I am going to blog about many things, not just our family. Politics, Religion, Work, Vanderbilt Athletics and of course, Golf will probably all make it into the rotation. Some will be serious, some will be humorous, some will be total and complete fabrications. Okay, never mind on the last one--I have decided to keep it truthful for now.

Just to introduce myself and my family--my name is Russ Moore and I have lived my entire life in middle TN (mostly in Goodlettsville, just north of Nashville). I married a Southern Belle--Ginger--from Cleveland TN in 1995. We have 3 kids that have been aforementioned--Savannah, age 9, Cassidy, age 6, and Jamison--age 4. They are all very different from each other and have very unique personalities. I will try not to use this blog to brag on them TOO much, but I make no guarantees. I own my own marketing business and work from home, so I get to spend a lot of time with family, which I love. I also can work in a t-shirt and shorts and don't have to shave, which I also love. My wife is much better looking than me and has her own blog at www.gingermoore.blogspot.com She is a Christian women's speaker and has a ministry called Speaking Thru Me that she is partners in with a friend of hers from college. We teach a young married's class at our church we just started a couple of months ago and we are really digging it so far. Shout out to the "Connection" class. Holla if you hear me (they are all much younger than me, so I try to throw in some cool phrases like that to let them know I can relate to them on their level--I think it's working) I like to golf. I am also a Deacon at my church and serve on a couple of committees. I have two sisters that live here in G'ville with their husbands and we are all really close. My mom lives about 12 minutes away. We all go to church together and see each other several times a week. We have lots of friends we love dearly and very few enemies. Most of the enemies we have are as a result of me slashing their tires or pouring sugar in their gas tanks or stealing all their money and spending it on silly things like plasma TV's for my house. It's not my fault they can't take a joke.

Lastly, to end my first blog on a serious note--I am not sure of much in this life, but I do know for sure that I am a sinner saved by grace. My father, who abides in heaven now, was a Baptist minister, and my mother who is a schoolteacher--they were/are the two greatest influences in my life. My Dad gave me a visual example of how to be a Godly husband and father. My mother is probably the best person I have ever known. She is a loving, nurturing, wonderful person who ministers to all those she comes in contact with, no matter what their situation. She too, is an example to me of how to live out my Christian faith. I thank God continually for my Christian heritage, and I do not want to "drop the ball" when it comes to passing on those values to my children and beyond. Most of my blogs will probably have a Christian slant to it, if not overtly, then at least subconsciously, and that is because of my upbringing. Thanks Mom & Dad--for loving me through tough times, and for helping me become the man I am today.